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Choose from a selection of worlds finest luxury sports cars to drive on the best routes in and around Los Angeles.
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Start Celebrity Adventure on the streets of LA. Choose from 7 luxury sports vehicles; drive those curvy uphill roads of the Hollywood Hills.Take a drive through Mulholland Drive and pass by incredible houses and views of the city. Take a professional photo with the Hollywood Sign as it's meant to be.Descend back down to the glitz and glamour of Rodeo Drive and Sunset Boulevard. Catch the Sun on Pacific Coast Highway. Well, that's what we call true LA experience.
Available Cars
Corvette Z06
BMW i8
Mercedes AMG GT
Porsche 911
Aston Martin V8
Maserati GranTurismo
Curvy Roads
Pacific Coast
Hollywood Sign
Selfie Spots
The Experience

The 3-hour tour begins in the heart of world-famous Hollywood Walk of Fame. Moments later you will get to Sunset Boulevard while driving by many historic and interesting places. Then the road will start winding and you will find yourself on famous Sunset strip, filled with the history of music and movies. Next stop is Beverly Hills. The area where you can see mansions of rich and famous people and drive through the wide streets surrounded by tall palm trees. Coldwater Canyon is just around the corner and the road will start to wind once again, taking you to Mulholland drive Overlook where you can enjoy the breathtaking views of Los Angeles. Then you will continue your journey along the crest of Hollywood Hills through famous Mulholland Dr. Once you reached Wonderview Dr. you will drive by Hollywood Lake and will arrive at Hollywood Sign. After a quick photo shoot by the towering letters, you will return to your starting point with amazing memories. In addition you will be offered a professional Photoshoot.

You'll be accompanied by a tour guide to make sure the entire experience is as enjoyable and thrilling as you've always imagined. If you choose an option to add a passenger, the tour guide will be driving his own car and you will be following.

  • Add a Passenger - $19
  • Basic Protection - $19
  • Premium Protection - $49

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